psl 2020 live streaming

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Pakistan Super League 5th Edition PSL 2020 Live Streaming 

The New PSL 5 season will begin with all its excitement and drama in February. Matches are a pleasure for cricket lovers in Pakistan, And Pakistani people try to complete their daily work ahead of time to watch their favourite players compete against each other in opposing teams during PSL 2020 Live Streaming. New talents also have the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of the world.

Everyone Has their favourite players and teams. The nation shows unity by making every PSL season successful. The country of Pakistan is peaceful and has a lot of interest in sports. Cricket is Pakistanis’ favourite sport. This makes PSL 5 (2020) Live Streaming super exciting and the most followed event of the year.

PSL 5 2020 is going to entirely held in Pakistan

Quetta Gladiators will begin the PSL 5 edition of the Pakistan Super League 5 as The defending champion after defeating Peshawar Zalmi in the final. And according to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, it was announced that next time the entire PSL 2020 Live Streaming will be played in Pakistan, which will be great news for all Pakistani cricket fans.

According to the sources, Lahore and Karachi will be two of the host cities of the fifth season of PSL, and other cities that have expressed their desire to organise The tournament includes Multan, Islamabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, and Quetta. As we approach the date, more information about the PSL calendar for this 2020 edition of the tournament will be released, but for now, the rumour is that the Pakistan Super League Season 5 will be played between February 2020 – March 2020.

While the PCB is still working on logistics around the PSL for the next edition, it Has been said that all matches will be played in Pakistan. What this means is those players who make the PSL 2020 Draft will be showing up in Pakistan for all games unlike any of the previous seasons.

Media Reports in Pakistan suggest Lahore could stage 11 games, while Karachi will see nine matches played. The tournament could also be played in Multan and Rawalpindi, which could host 12 games between them. While according to the latest reports it is expected that PSL 2020 final Live Streaming will be played at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore instead of the national stadium in Karachi.

Overview of PSL 4th edition PSL 2019

In 2019 PSL 4th edition final was played in Pakistan Karachi, Quetta Gladiators won the title of PSL 2019 by defeating Peshawar Zalmi in the final. This was after both Gladiators and Zalmi finished in the top two of the points table with 14 points out of 10 games.

While the other 2 teams that reached the playoffs were Islamabad United and Karachi Kings takes the third and fourth place in the table. While for the sixth team Multan Sultans failed to make the playoffs along with the perennial losers in the background, Lahore Qalandar who finished sixth once again.

In The playoffs, Quetta defeated Peshawar in the first 10-stroke playoff thanks to a 71 by Shane Watson to reach the final. Islamabad United beat Karachi Kings to eliminate them from the competition before a Kamran Akmal 74 ended United’s hopes in the second qualifier. In the PSL 2019 final the Zalmi fight to make a mere 138/8 of their 20 overs that the Gladiators chased in 17.5 overs for the loss of two wickets only.

How to Watch PSL 5 or PSL 2020 Live Streaming

Pakistan Super League Season 5 is back and here’s how to watch all PSL 2020 Live streaming. Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 starts from February 2020 in the Karachi, Pakistan, where Karachi to host PSL 2020 Opening Ceremony. HBL PSL 2020 will be broadcast live in India on Sky Sports as the latest edition of the league. Ten Sports and PTV Sports will have live coverage of PSL in Pakistan. Following the success of the 2019 PSL season, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) decided to arrange the whole Season 5 in Pakistan. The 2020 PSL final is likely to take place in Karachi or Lahore.

Where to Watch PSL 2020 or PSL 5 Live Streaming

Ten Sports Live Streaming, PTV Sports Live Streaming, and Geo Super Live Streaming will broadcast live matches of the Pakistan Super League Season 5 PSL 2020 in Pakistan and all games can be viewed online on the Willow TV Live Streaming as we all on In the UK, Willow TV Live Streaming broadcast live coverage while the Sky Sports TV channel in other countries.

For the Cricket Fans who used to live in the United States can also watch the PSL 2020 live streaming on Willow TV. Willow HD Live streaming has the right to broadcast live coverage of matches in the Middle-East and African countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Bangladeshi cricketers can watch the PSL 2020 live streaming on PTV Sports Live.

Pakistan Super League 5 | PSL 2020

PSL 2020 the most awaited sporting tournament of Pakistan is around the corner. Nowadays, hundreds of cricket lovers are waiting to watch this league at the stadium or on TV channels. Pakistan Super League over the years has become one of the best league of Twenty20 International Cricket. All the schedule, player names, venues, weather reports, forecasts, and every other information related to PSL 5 is available here. Bookmark it!

psl 2020 live streaming
psl 2020 live streaming

As you know, PSL stands for Pakistan Super League. Moreover, it is a T20 cricket league, and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) started this league in 2015. So, PSL 2020 is the fifth season of PSL according to its history. Due to this upcoming league, cricket lovers are preparing to watch the league.

The past cricket matches of PSL were held in Pakistan and UAE. Do you know where the PSL teams will play all the cricket games of the fifth season? The Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that the cricket matches of PSL 5 will be played in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the PCB Chairman also informed the media that the cricket games of this fifth season would be played in Pakistan. So, the officials of this league have announced the schedule or fixtures, teams and players squad, etc. Let’s start a discussion about the PSL 2020. Follow my words!

Pakistan Super League 2020

PSL 2020 Teams

As you know, most of the T20 leagues in the world have six teams or more. Likewise, PSL also has six teams. These six teams belong to the big cities of Pakistan. Do you know? At the beginning of PSL, PCB earned US$ 93 Million by selling franchise rights to five bidders.

Furthermore, millions of fans of PSL teams live in other countries. The names of the PSL 2020 teams are Peshawar Zalmi, Lahore Qalandars, Karachi Kings, Islamabad United, Multan Sultans, and Quetta Gladiators. Now, go to a brief discussion about these teams!

Peshawar Zalmi

It is one of the best team of Pakistan Super League and was also the champion of the HBL PSL 2 cricket tournament. Moreover, there are famous national and international players present in the Peshawar Zalmi. In 2017, Peshawar Zalmi won the PSL due to Darren Sammy, who is an overseas player. The captain of Peshawar Zalmi in this fifth season of PSL is Darren Sammy.

Peshawar Zalmi Logo

As you know, many players of Peshawar Zalmi belong to the Pakistani International Cricket Team. It means the players of this team have excellent skills to play the T20 league. Therefore, it may be possible that Peshawar Zalmi could win the fifth season of PSL. The owner of this team is Javed Afridi, who is the CEO of the Haier Pakistan.

Karachi Kings

This team has very fantastic players. Moreover, other international cricketers like to join the Karachi Kings to play PSL. This team also provides excellent players to the national cricket team of Pakistan. Do you know Salman Iqbal, CEO – ARY media network is the owner of Karachi Kings?

Karachi Kings Logo

Furthermore, the owner of this team offers good facilities for its local and foreign players. Being the team of the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi Kings is taking part in the fifth season of PSL with excitement and eager to win their first PSL Cup. So, you should not forget to watch the live performance of this team.

Islamabad United

As you know, Islamabad United is the first champion of the Pakistan Super League. Moreover, the players of this team have outstanding skills to play T20 leagues. Do you know? New players become part of this team every year, and that’s why the winning chances of Islamabad United are higher than other teams of PSL. One more thing to know is that Islamabad United is the only team to win PSL Trophy twice.

Islamabad United Logo

Leonine Global Sports is the owner of this team, which is very famous in the sports world. The owners of the Leonine Global Sports are Ali Naqvi and Amna Naqvi. The players of this team improve their skills before playing the competitions of PSL.

Quetta Gladiators

This team has more international players as compared to the other teams of PSL. Sarfraz Ahmed is the captain of the Pakistani international team, and moreover, he is also the captain of Quetta Gladiators. The winner of the fourth season of Pakistan Super League is Quetta Gladiators. The owner of this team is Omar Associates.

Quetta Gladiators Logo

Do you know about the players’ experience? The international players of this team have played hundreds of T20 leagues over the Globe. And that’s why the players of this team well known to skills of T2 league and also, they could win the fifth season.

Multan Sultans

As you know, it is the sixth team of Pakistan Super League. The reason is that this team joins after the third cricket tournament of PSL. Moreover, the players of this team are also famous in the entire world due to the excellent and fantastic skills of players. The owners of Multan Sultans are Ali Khan Tareen and Taimoor Malik.

PSL 2020

In Multan Sultan, international players are also present instead of national players. The people of Multan are ready to welcome the viewers, and also they have a great spirit about cricket.

Lahore Qalandars

It is very likely that you know about Lahore Qalandars. This team of the Pakistan Super League is very famous in the cricket worldwide. The owner of Lahore Qalandars is Fawad Rana, who is also the owner of Qatar Lubricants Company. Moreover, Lahore Qalandars is the expensive team of Pakistan Super League. All the players of this team have outstanding skills to play T20 cricket tournaments.


Furthermore, the citizens of Lahore appreciate the players of this team. Hundreds of people are the fans of this team in Pakistan. Do you know many international players’ opinions? According to their opinions, they want to play the PSL tournaments through Lahore Qalandars.

One thing is the same in all the teams of this T20 league that international players are present in each team. So, all the teams are the best, and you should watch the live performance of your favorite players.

PSL 2020 Schedule/Timetable/Fixtures

Cricket fans are waiting intensely to know the PSL 2020 schedule of the fifth season of Pakistan Super League. As you know, it is a very interesting cricket event. As I stated earlier, all the cricket tournaments of PSL fifth season will be held in Pakistan according to the ordered of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

All the cricket fans are coming to watch the live cricket games of this league from the entire world. The cricket games of this league are starting on 20th February 2020 and will end on 22nd March 2020. Moreover, the total cricket games PSL 2020 are 34.

PSL 2020 Draft Date

As you know, the owners of this T20 league would show off the players’ names, schedules, teams, venues, and every other detail on the drafting ceremony. Cricket lovers want to get all information about this league, and that’s why they are trying to know the PSL 2020 draft date.

The drafting ceremony of this league is holding in December 2019, so you should not miss this ceremony. If you have no time to attend the ceremony, then you should keep visiting this site in your free time. The reason is that we will mention everything related to this league.

PSL 2020 Venues

As we stated, the Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced to plan all the cricket games of PSL 5 in Pakistan. So, there are four cricket stadiums in Pakistan which are selected for the upcoming season. Let’s start a brief discussion about the PSL 2020 venues!

Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore

Gaddafi stadium is situated in Lahore, which is the city of Punjab Province. Also, Lahore is the capital of Punjab, and it is one of the biggest populated cities in Pakistan. The teams of PSL 5 will play some cricket games in this Gaddafi stadium. The capacity of this cricket venue is 27,000. It means 27,000 cricket lovers can watch live cricket at a time at this cricket place.

National Stadium, Karachi

Sindh is the province of Pakistan and Karachi is the capital of Sindh. Moreover, Karachi is the fifth most populous city in the world. In this city, a national stadium is present to play cricket games. Many international cricket games have played in this stadium. Furthermore, owners of PSL have selected this cricket venue to play the cricket games of PSL 5. If talking about its capacity, then 34,227 people can watch cricket games live in this stadium at a time.

Multan Cricket Stadium

Multan is the city of Punjab province. Moreover, it is the 7th largest city in Pakistan. Multan also has an international cricket stadium. Do you know Multan is located at the bank of river Chenab? At this stadium, the teams of PSL have played many cricket games. A minimum of 35,000 cricket lovers can watch live cricket matches at a time in this stadium. The teams of PSL 5 will also play a few cricket games in this cricket place.

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

The franchise owners of PSL 5 also have chosen the Rawalpindi cricket stadium to play cricket games of this T20 league. Do you know the common name of Rawalpindi? The common name of this city is Pindi? Moreover, it is also called the twin city of Islamabad. Thousands of cricket matches have played at this stadium. Without any doubt, 28,000 cricket fans can enjoy live cricket at this stadium.

PSL 2020 New Players

As you know, Pakistan Super League started in 2015, and every year many players take part in this league. The total teams of this league are six, and each team has international and national players. Any international player can take part in this league over the globe, and that’s why the owners of this league announce the names of new players every year. And now owners will also announce the PSL 2020 new players.

Furthermore, at the drafting ceremony, you can know the names of new players. If it is not possible for you to attend the ceremony, then you should visit this site because we will provide you with the names of all the players as soon as possible. Moreover, we will also provide you with the names, country, status, and all other details about the new players.

PSL 2020 Tickets

Nowadays, every fan of cricket is thinking of watching the cricket games of PSL 5. So, some cricket lovers have decided to enjoy the cricket games of PSL 2020 live at the stadium because they can afford to go there physically. As you know, international players are also present in the teams of this league. Therefore, many cricket lovers are coming from other countries to watch cricket games.

If you live in that city which has a cricket stadium, then you should get ready to welcome the viewers. Also, you should not miss watching the cricket games of this T20 league.

Finally, we recommend you to buy tickets as soon as possible because there is a big number of people who are looking to watch matches in the stadiums. So, don’t be late and try to buy the ticket as soon as possible. Okay, we understand that because of the shortage of time you are not able to visit authorized ticket sellers. You can buy PSL Tickets Online to beat the traffic and rush hour, please stay tuned as we will provide you with the authorized dealer lists.

PSL Live Streaming

As you know, cricket lovers are present in the entire world, and also they want to watch live cricket of the fifth season of PSL. Many cricket fans have not resources or time to watch live cricket at the stadium.

If you don’t like to watch cricket at the stadium or have not enough resources, then don’t need to worry. I have a solution to your problems. You can watch PSL live streaming on TV channels. Now, we will tell you the three excellent TV channels in Pakistan which will provide the facilities of live streaming in the entire world. Let’s start!

Willow TV

It is the best sports channel in the world, which gives the facility of live streaming of cricket tournaments. Due to its excellent features, you can watch the cricket streaming of PSL 5 on Willow TV. Moreover, you can enjoy cricket streaming for free of cost.

Furthermore, this channel provides HD and fast cricket streaming without any jailbreaking. So, if you can’t go to the cricket venues, then you have to use Willow TV to watch live streaming of this T20 league.

PTV Sports

PTV Sports is one of the best TV channels in Pakistan. On this channel, many cricket fans enjoy the cricket streaming of any tournament. Moreover, this channel has a lot of features that you can watch HD and fast streaming of cricket.

Besides, if you want to enjoy the cricket streaming for free, then it is the best for you because its owners have launched it free. Moreover, the app of this channel is also available for the users of devices. So, if it is not possible for you to go to the stadium, then you can use this channel to watch cricket streaming.

Geo Super

Many cricket lovers have selected the Geo super to watch the cricket streaming of PSL 5 because they can’t go to the stadium. Therefore, if you also want to watch live streaming on TV channels, then you should use this channel because it has excellent and fantastic features.

For example, you can watch cricket streaming without jailbreaking due to its excellent quality of service. Moreover, you can watch live streaming in HD format for free of cost. If you want to watch this channel on your device, then its app is also present.

PSL Live Score

As you know, some cricket fans can’t go to the stadium due to enough resources. Plus, many cricket lovers are very busy that they have not enough time to enjoy live cricket matches at the stadium or on TV channels. Therefore, we are going to mention some sites which you can use to watch PSL live score. Stay with us!


The best site in the world is Cricinfo to watch live score of any cricket tournament. As you know, many sites are available in the market, but if you want to watch a free live score, then you have to choose Cricinfo. Moreover, due to its excellent service of availability, you can watch the live score at any time and any place. So, if you don’t want to watch live streaming, then you should watch live score on this site.


Cricbuzz is an Indian cricket website that is providing the live score of any cricket tournament in the world. Many cricket lovers like to watch live score on this site. Moreover, you can watch this site anytime and anyplace without any jailbreaking. Also, it is available for free of cost. Therefore, if you can’t watch live streaming, then you should not forget to watch the live score of this PSL 5.

Smartcric Live Score

On the Smartcric, you can watch live score of any cricket match. Moreover, it is free of cost for all cricket fans. This site will also give the facility to watch live score of PSL 5. So, you can use it to watch live score of this league.

PSL Ball by Ball Score

As you know, to catch the action of the ball by ball score is excellent fun. Moreover, to know that what is going on in the stadium is also enjoyable. That’s why we will go to catch the ball by ball action for you. So, if you want to know ball by ball score, then one thing should be in your mind that when the PSL 5 cricket games will start, you have to visit this site.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which is the 6th team in PSL?

PSL stands for Pakistan Super League, and Pakistan Cricket Board made this T20 league in 2015. The 6th of this league is Quetta Gladiators because it joined after the third cricket match.

How many overseas players are allowed in PSL?

As you know, all the teams of Pakistan Super League have national and international players. So, as per rules, each team can choose 7 overseas players to play the cricket games of PSL.

Can Indian players play in PSL?

If Indian BCCI and Pakistan Cricket Board solved their differences, then the Indian cricket players can play in the Pakistan Super League. So, if the Indian cricketers play in this league, then it is good for cricket lovers.

Who are the highest-paid players in the PSL?

The names of the highest-paid players in the Pakistan Super League are present below!

“Tumeleng Khune, Kaizer Chiefs, Teko Modise, Cape Town City, Anthony Laffor, Mamelodi Sundowns, Siyanda Xulu, Maritzburg United, Elias Domingues, Pelembe, Bidvest Wits, Bernard Parker, Kaizer Chiefs”.

Which is the PSL 7th team?

We are in the last quarter of 2019 and till date, there is no official announcement of PSL 7th team.  Also, there are unconfirmed reports that team from Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir or Sialkot may be included.

PSL Live Streaming 2020 (PSL 5 Live)