Malik riaz daughters and uzma khan issue | media is silent

On the time of chand raat 2 daughters and the nephew of Pakistani business tycoon Malik riaz along with multiple security guards enters in the house of famous Pakistani actress and model uzma khan where amna malik daughter of malik found her husband  there in models house.

When they enter in the house of uzman khan they start abusing them start destroy everything.after that daughter of malik start started beating actrees uzman in video viral on internet we can clearly see the blood on the feet of actress uzma malik.

Sources are saying that uzma malik has affair with the husband of malik riaz daughter and caught him on the right time.after that when these all video came on internet they became viral in seconds.

Social media trends started in favour of uzma khan later on a laywer firm of famous lawyer hassaan niazi came in support of uzma khan.

They went to police station located in defence lahore submitted an application of fir but police rejected after some time due to the pressure of social media police logged and fir but that fir was not strong and that is bailable fir.