Locusts attack in Pakistan Covers 40% of agriculture area

Pakistan is one the top of lists of countries effected worst by locusts attack.40% of its area was covered by locusts and the government institutions remains work less.Doing nothing for farmers.Chairman of Farmers association of Pakistan blaims Pti’s government that they doing nothing against locusts swarms

4% of area already covered by locusts new swarms are ready to enter in Pakistan in mid june.Thay locusts swarm is in iran right now which will enter in Pakistan in mid or end of of June.

On the other side government is claiming that they are doing alot of work for farmers against locusts.Local government is doing alot of work against locusts attack.

Army cheif qamar javed bajwa told the nation that more then 10 thousand army personnel are taking part in operations against locusts and doing amazing work against locusts.Representative of army also told that more army officers will take part in operations against locusts in future.

On the other side Ndma is also doing operations against locusts.They purchased new planes from turkey in fighting against locusts now Pakistan have 10-11 planes but some are functional right now.