lifebuoy hand sanitizer online pakistan | LIfeBouy starts its hand sanitizer production in pakistan

As we all know that afterb the outbreak of corona virus supplies of handsanitizers cuttoff in the whole world.Borders were closed as the contries doing the production of hand santizers are not able to supply there products in countries where these hand sanitizers are needed.

In start of this pandemic hand sanitizers are also short in pakistan.But goverment decided to gave maximum allounces to the companies which are producing hand sanitizers at local level.Many news companies are introduced in this period some were later on banned because of quality faliures.

After Some time hand santizers of best qualities with 70 persent of alcohol production started at big scale by a wellknown company LifeBouy.At very low time this company fullfills the need of hand Sanitizers in pakistan.Firstly they started only online sale on daraz pk.But later on also start the supplice to whole sale market.

Not onle LifeBouy is doing production of hand Santizers at high scale other companies like cool and cool , Hemani by Wb , Reliance also doing production of handsanitizers at very high scales. These companies also selling there products at normal price with only 20 persent of mrp rate.

Last week in the cabinet meeting prime minister of pakistan announced that Pakistan has enough hand sanitizers and face mask so now Pakistan will export face masks and hand sanitizers .

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lifebuoy hand sanitizer online pakistan
lifebuoy hand sanitizer online pakistan

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