Imran khan visits layyah and launch ahsad kafalat programs

Yesterday prime Minister of Pakistan visit India remote area of South Punjab and launch a new program kafalat program.

He did his inauguration ceremony in sports complex layyah where he did speech of  minutes and bashes upon the the oppositions.

People are very happy on  this  launching ceremony of ehsas program.Through this program million of Pakistan will accuire their usage through the money goverment provide to them.

As distric layyah is the remote are of punjab so punjab goverment and fedral government decide to lauch the program from layyah so that this innaguration will also increase moral of people of layyah.

According to te goverment 7 lac families from south punjab will be able top get money and other benifits from this scheme.According to the terms and conditions only a womem will be able to get benifits from this scheme.

In initial fase goverment will give 2 thousand rupees per month to lady and have special discounts in goverment departmental stores.

After that goverment will give 1 cow to these poor ladies from which they can earn more became independent.And also govement will give 1 smart phone to these ladies through which the will remain notified of their payment.