how to apply for pm khan corona relief tiger force

As we all know that this week prime minister of pakisan imran khan announced to make a tiger force to help the victims of lock down imposed due to corona virus outbreak in pakistan.Few days back Prime minister of pakistan imran khan announced during a press conference that he will going to lauch a team regarding the welfare of poor people through money distribution.

Later on the goverment officials announced that they are going to lauch the application regarding the registration and assignments distribution to the participents of Pm khan corona relief tiger force.This app will be available on both top software plateforms ie IOS and Andriod.You can download it through app store.

The persons who are interested in this tiger force have to provide their CNIC number ,mobile number,name and father name.The age limit is also a condition only 18yo can apply for tiger force.

“Members of any party can register to volunteer. These volunteers will work under the deputy commissioners of each district. In case of a lockdown, the force will distribute food and also identify those hoarding,” the ministry said.

Download Corona Relief Tiger Force Application

iOS and Android apps for the Pakistan Citizen portal are available here:



How to apply for Corona Relief Tiger Fore

  • Download Application
  • signup for the application
  • open tiger force section
  • fillup the form
  • and submit

After the submission team of corona relief force will contact you and assign you your assingments