Aurat March 2020 all details slogans and much more.

Aurat march 2020 is one of the most disscused matter of social media of pakistan.This year means 2020 aurat march topic is on on trending on social media of pakistan.Aurat march is organised by the liberals comunity of pakistan and feminist comunity of pakistan.

They organise the aurat march every year on woman day.But this year this aurat march became very controversial because some banner or play cards having a bad paragraphs was seen there last year.

So people of conservative minds demanding not to use such type of slogans in their march this year.Alos this debate is in media because few days back a famous writter khalil ur rehman qamar got into debate with a hindu woman marvi sirmed who is one of the organiser of aurat march in pakistan.

During the show on national television neo news marvi sirmed stated that ” womans of pakistan need their rights and they right on their body so that they have their decision of having kids or not” she also said that ” not any husband has right to do se#x with his wife without her concent.On the time of marvi sirmed no one  stops her from talking or no interepts her.

But when  the time of khalil ur rehman qamar came and starts talking then the lady marvi sirmid starts interepting her after that khalil ur rehman qamar lose his cool and strat abusing her.But on social media 90% of people are supporting marvi sirmid.

After that the debate of aurat march starts on social media and people are doing debate on this issue.

What is going to happen in aurat march 2020.?

according to the recent judgments court gave to the organisers of aurat march that they will properly organise the aurat march and the which were published by the authorities of aurat march any other slogans which was considered bad was not allowed on publish in march.Court also gave the orders to authorirites thay they will give the security to the participents of aurat march.

Pemra and aurat march

Pemra gave the advisory to news channels that they will not be able to public any type contorversial  news related to aurat march if they publish strict action will be took against them.