actemra injection in Pakistan price shortage

actemra injection in Pakistan

Few days back health minister of phnjab Dr yasmin Rashin stated during the press conference that we are using actemra injection on last stage of corona patients and after that injection even old patients start recovering from covid.

actemra injection in Pakistan
actemra injection in Pakistan

After this press conference actemra injection become short in Pakistan.And only available in few places in high prices.Before the press conference actemra injection price was around 22 thousands but after the pressconference actemra injection price increased to 2 lac rupess.

About actemra injection.

Actemra injection is made up of a formula Tocilizumab which used against last stage of auto immune disease.It is also used against any kind of infectious disease.Remember this injection contains high amount of anti biotics which may cause some infection in stomach and intestines because it may kills the good becterias of you immune system.

But according to Dr Yasmin Rashid actemra injection is performing very good against covid 19.

actemra injection in Pakistan
actemra injection in Pakistan

Actemra Availability

Actemra is now available on some medical stores at very high price.Prime minister imran khan took notice during a cabinet meeting on 9 June about the shortage and high pricing of actemra injection.

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